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Introducing the SUSHI dinner menu

Located adjacent to the Rooftop Bar on the 52nd floor, ‘the SUSHI’ is the ideal spot for enjoying a special evening tasting authentic Edomae sushi. Witness the sushi master crafting exquisite sushi right in front of you while sipping our original sake ‘52’.

the SUSHI dinner

Designed as a sophisticated and intimate atmosphere, ‘the SUSHI’ welcomes guests in a quiet space adjacent to the Rooftop Bar on the 52nd floor. With its large wooden counters and the eight seats separate in two sides, ‘the SUSHI’ offers an exclusive and semi-private atmosphere to enjoy exquisite sushi. Thanks to the skills and experience of the sushi master, diners can taste authentic Edomae sushi crafted with the most fresh seafood and seasonal ingredients. The sushi dinner can be paired with a wide selection of sake coming from various regions of Japan, wines, champagnes and other seasonal alcoholic beverages.

The chef's skills can be seen not only in the sushi and in the cut of the sashimi, but also in the starters, appetizers, and à la carte dishes. Each item is prepared with attention to details by the chef using advanced techniques and unique presentations to highlight the taste of every ingredient. Three course dinners are available for you to enjoy. The ultimate sushi dinner experience is with our “Tora no Tsuki” course dinner (prior online reservation required). This recommended course dinner allows you to enjoy a full experience through an original menu prepared with ingredients carefully selected by the chef himself on the day.

Chef Nakamura has 15 years of experience in high-end sushi restaurants, supervising not only sushi but also tempura, teppanyaki and other Japanese delicacies in luxury hotels overseas. His skills and knowledge in mastering the art of making sushi has been cultivated by nurturing his skills in both Japan and abroad. Chef Nakamura, aside from Japanese, is fluent in English and Chinese to welcome guests from all over the world and share his techniques and knowledge together with great hospitality.

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Introducing ‘the SUSHI’ dinner menu at Andaz Tokyo
■ 『Niji no Tsuki』 ~Full Omakase Course~ 
A dinner course featuring authentic Edomae Sushi crafted with carefully selected seasonal ingredients.
Menu:3 small appetizers, 3 kinds of sashimi, 10 kinds of sushi, rolled sushi, red miso soup, fruit
For more details about the “Sushi Menu”, please click here.

■ 『Tou no Tsuki』 ~Special Selected Course~ 
A sumptuous dinner course featuring sashimi and nigirizushi made from fresh, chef-selected seafood.
Menu:3 small appetizers, 5 kinds of sashimi, 10 kinds of sushi, rolled sushi, red miso soup, fruit
For more details about the “Sushi Menu”, please click here.

■ 『Tora no Tsuki』 ~Chef’s Premium Course~
Enjoy a luxurious dinner with a selection of the best seafood and meat, and carefully prepared by the chef to create exquisite courses.
Menu:amuse bouche, seasonal appetizer plate, 3 kinds of sashimi, seasonal seafood dish, Japanese beef dish, selected 7 kinds of sushi, rolled sushi, red miso soup, fruit
For more details about the “Sushi Menu”, please click here.
For more details about the “Tora no Tsuki”, please click here.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of beverages to accompany the dinner, including our original Junmai Ginjo sake "52" with its fruity and light flavor. This Andaz Tokyo original sake was created through a collaboration with Miyagi's Shinzawa Brewery.

*Andaz Original “52”
The hotel's original Junmai Ginjo sake "52", which goes well with meals, is a highly recommended sake named after the 52% rice polishing ratio and the fact that it is served at the restaurant on the 52nd floor.
Miyagi Junmai Ginjo
Price: ¥2,420 for a sake carafe (tokkuri), ¥9,900 for a bottle
Rice used: Koji rice and Kake rice are both from Kura-no-Hana, Miyagi Prefecture
Rice Polishing Ratio: 52%
Type: Fresh, fruity, sharp
Sweetness: Medium-dry

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Discover the SUSHI, an exclusive eight-seat restaurant located adjacent to the Rooftop Bar on the 52nd floor. The private and intimate atmosphere allows you to enjoy a personalized experience. The restaurant offers authentic Edomae-style sushi made right in front of you with carefully selected seafood and other ingredients. Enjoy a fine dining experience by tasting the local flavors in an elevated ambiance.
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