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Welcome to Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Restaurants and Bars located in Tokyo near Ginza

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  1. FEB 2017


    BeBu International Pies

    As the end of winter approaches in February, BeBu will be offering a comforting selection of savory pies in addition to a sweet pie for a cozy meal. Look forward to Australian traditional meat pie, a lobster rich seafood pie derived from Boston, or a Japanese inspired Keema curry pie with soft boiled egg, enjoyed with your choice of two sides.

  2. JAN 2018

    Pastry Shop

    Pastry Shop Valentine Day Sweets

    Valentine’s Day 2018 brings a range of fun and romantic sweets from our Pastry Shop. A set of edible chocolate lipsticks come in chocolate, strawberry, yuzu and Earl Grey flavors and the popular macarons are presented in delightful heart shapes. 

  3. JAN 2018


    BeBu Shinnenkai Party Plan

    Kick off the New Year with BeBu’s Shinnenkai plan. With its share-style menu of the restaurant’s popular dishes and bottomless drinks, the party plan is the perfect venue to enjoy with co-workers, friends or family. Enjoy the popular Cobb Salad, Quesadillas, and Nippon Burgers over drinks and good company.

  4. JAN 2018

    Andaz Lounge & Bar

    Andaz Tavern Lounge & Bar English High Tea

    Andaz Tavern Lounge & Bar is offering a British-style afternoon tea during this special season. Invented in Bedfordshire, UK in the 19th century, our high tea features modernized classic English dishes and elegant  ‘Duchess of Bedford’ tea.

  5. JAN 2018

    Pastry Shop

    Pastry Shop Bean Sweets & Hot Drinks

    Beans such as azuki, daizu and uguisu have long been an indispensable ingredient in Japanese sweets. Known for their health and beauty benefits, these beans have been gaining in popularity around the world. During the month of January, Pastry Boutique will offer a selection of sweets made with different types of beans.

  6. JAN 2018

    Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar Whisky Ice Ball Cocktails

    The mixologists at The Rooftop Bar are showcasing whisky from the world’s top five leading markets, Scotland, Ireland, United States, Canada, and Japan, as a base to create tea cocktails. Envisioned by our award-winning mixologist, Yoshiwara Yasutoshi, the cocktail is carefully nestled inside a Japanese classic ice ball that guests can break open to create a whisky ice ball cocktail.

  7. DEC 2017


    BeBu – Takeout Burger Set

    BeBu has launched a new takeout burger set. Pick up a box to enjoy in the Toranomon Hills Oval Plaza, or at your office for a quick lunch. Choose from a selection of our most popular burgers and side dishes for a takeout lunch that is sure to satisfy.

  8. DEC 2017


    BeBu – Quick Lunch Menu

    BeBu launches the new quick lunch menu available from 13:00. Enjoy from a range of 3 new items, perfect for the busy worker with limited time for lunch.

  9. OCT 2017

    Dining Gift Certificate by Andaz Tokyo

    Delight your loved ones by giving the gift of a dining experience at Andaz Tokyo, wrapped in a sophisticated package with a Japanese touch.

  10. OCT 2017

    Andaz Lounge & Bar

    Andaz Tavern - Weekend Brunch

    Served at the lounge and bar of Andaz Tavern as a semi-buffet concept, our weekend brunch can be enjoyed in a sofa-style setting with a fireplace located in the centre, creating a cosy atmosphere.

  11. OCT 2017

    Andaz Tavern Dining

    Andaz Tavern – Marry Me

    Andaz Tavern will reserve the most romantic table, perfectly arranged, for that special moment of proposing to a loved one.

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