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Welcome to Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Restaurants and Bars located in Tokyo near Ginza

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  1. OCT 2017

    Dining Gift Certificate by Andaz Tokyo

    Delight your loved ones by giving the gift of a dining experience at Andaz Tokyo, wrapped in a sophisticated package with a Japanese touch.

  2. OCT 2017

    Andaz Lounge & Bar

    Andaz Tavern - Afternoon Tea

    Enjoy a selection of homemade pastries and classic scones fresh from the oven, created by our Pastry team, together with a fine assortment of savoury treats, including afternoon tea classics.

  3. OCT 2017

    Andaz Lounge & Bar

    Andaz Tavern - Weekend Brunch

    Served at the lounge and bar of Andaz Tavern as a semi-buffet concept, our weekend brunch can be enjoyed in a sofa-style setting with a fireplace located in the centre, creating a cosy atmosphere.

  4. OCT 2017

    Andaz Tavern Dining

    Andaz Tavern – Marry Me

    Andaz Tavern will reserve the most romantic table, perfectly arranged, for that special moment of proposing to a loved one.

  5. NOV 2017

    Andaz Tavern Dining

    Andaz Tavern – Ise-Ebi Special

    Known for its provincial European cuisine using local ingredients, Andaz Tavern will feature the celebrated Ise-ebi in a European style coursed menu during this festive season. 

  6. NOV 2017


    BeBu – Bonenkai Party Plan

    In keeping with Japanese Bonenkai tradition, BeBu team has created a lively party plan for your year-end gatherings. Join us for a share-style menu of BeBu’s popular dishes, Cowboy Burgers and Truffle Fries, and free flow of alcohol for 2 hours, even more festive with the addition of sparkling wine especially for this season.

  7. NOV 2017

    Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar - Hot At The Top

    Rooftop Bar’s award winning bartender Yasutoshi Yoshihara and the team bring you a range of hot cocktails, perfectly fitted for the festive season. Each cocktail comes with its own unique story enjoyed around the world. 

  8. NOV 2017

    Pastry Shop

    Pastry Shop – Christmas Carol Cakes

    There is nothing more than traditional Christmas carols to get you in the holiday spirit. Christmas would not be complete without these sounds of the season. 
    Pastry Chef Reito Tanaka has transformed popular Christmas carols, cherished over generations and around the world, into a line up of Christmas cakes. 

  9. DEC 2017

    Rooftop Terrace – Christmas Kamakura Igloo

    Andaz Tokyo brings a unique and limited offer to enjoy the festive season in a Kamakura igloo. Based on designs one would find in Northern Japan, snuggle up and enjoy a view of Tokyo Tower 250m above ground from your own intimate igloo. 

  10. DEC 2017


    BeBu – Christmas Party Plan

    Christmas is not just for that someone special but also a time to spend with your circles of friends. BeBu’s Christmas Party Plan is the perfect destination to unwind with friends in a more informal setting, perfectly fitted for multiple visits during the season. 

  11. DEC 2017

    Andaz Tavern Dining

    Andaz Tavern – European Christmas Dinner

    Christmas in Europe brings families together to feast around a well-laden table of traditional dishes. This year, Andaz Tavern presents its own take on a European Christmas as the Chef takes guests on a journey through Europe with each traditional dish presented with creative flair. 

  12. DEC 2017

    Pastry Shop

    Pastry Shop – Christmas Hampers

    Express your appreciation with our seasonal hampers beautifully packaged in varying sizes. The whimsical Boot hampers make perfect gifts for children and friends. This year’s collection is themed on “Made in Andaz” featuring mainly house made specialties.

  13. DEC 2017

    the SUSHI

    the SUSHI - New Year’s Eve Sushi Gala Dinner

    This year, the SUSHI welcomes you back for its signature gala dinner of the year. At the “New Years Eve in a Mountain Village” dinner with Champagne pairing, the evening will serve dishes inspired by an image of a winter mountain village. Enjoy the village scenery of traditional Japan while reflecting on the past year.

  14. DEC 2017

    Andaz Tavern Dining

    Andaz Tavern – Festive Season Lunch

    Why not treat yourself to an indulgent lunch during this festive season? Andaz Tavern’s Lunch Box include a hearty beef cheek bourguignon, or a seafood gratin, and guests enjoying the Festive Season Lunch Course can choose between the roasted chicken with foie gras and the snow crab linguini, both adding a touch of holiday elegance to your lunch.

  15. DEC 2017

    Andaz Tavern Dining

    Andaz Tavern – New Year’s Eve Dinner

    The very last evening of the year, joya. Some believe that if you go to sleep before welcoming the New Year Gods, your gray hairs and wrinkles will increase. So why not countdown to the New Year with us at Andaz Tavern? 

  16. DEC 2017

    Andaz Tavern Dining

    Andaz Tavern – New Year’s Lunch

    Andaz Tavern has created a delectable luncheon for the last few days of the year, and into the New Year. Enjoy the Lunch Box or the Lunch Course, both with tantalizing entrees.

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