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Welcome to Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Restaurants and Bars located in Tokyo near Ginza

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  1. JUL 2017

    Andaz Tavern Dining

    Andaz Tavern – European Summer Wines Nights

    Summer time means hot humid weather in Tokyo, and Andaz Tavern is offering lighter fare paired with a unique range of summer wines from Europe. Refreshing soups, carpaccios and pastas are paired with the best of summer rosé wines from France, Spain and Italy. 

  2. JUL 2017

    Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar - Caribbean Escape

    This summer, escape and enjoy the beautiful sunset over the Tokyo skyline as the Rooftop Terrace is transformed into exotic Caribbean islands conjuring up images of white sand beaches, coffee and rum. 

  3. JUL 2017

    Pastry Shop

    Pastry Shop – Mellow Melon Sweets

    During the summer months, the Pastry Shop at Andaz Tokyo will be showcasing the summer’s juicy musk and cantaloupe melon in a variety of different classic sweets.

  4. JUL 2017


    BeBu – Hawaiian Luau

    For the hot months of Tokyo summer, BeBu will cool you down and put you in a holiday mood by bringing the holiday island of Hawaii right to Toranomon Hills.

  5. JUL 2017

    Rooftop Bar

    *[Rooftop Bar & the SUSHI] Change of Operation Hours on 28 July

  6. JUL 2017

    Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar - Tiki Craze Cocktails

    Rooftop Bar will be offering a more modern and fruitier interpretation of the classics. Served in our 20 kitschy Tiki mugs, our mixologists are given free reign to choose the mugs based on their personal style to complete the cocktail.

  7. JUL 2017

    Pastry Shop

    Pastry Shop – Fresh Fruit KAKIGORI

    Delicate shaved ice served with an abundance of summer seasonal fruits including Peaches & Strawberries, and Melon & Lemon. 

  8. JUN 2017


    BeBu – Small World Burgers

    Cafe & Bar, BeBu offers its signature burgers as bite-sized sliders, showcasing flavors from around the world. Bebu’s “Small World Burgers” set is an epicurean odyssey on one plate. 

  9. JUL 2017

    Andaz Lounge & Bar

    Andaz Tavern Lounge & Bar – Summer Ice Cream Coolers

    This summer, beat the heat with a range of ice cream coolers from our pastry chef, Reito Tanaka, created based on specialty ice cream desserts from around Europe and Japan. 

  10. JUL 2017

    Pastry Shop

    Pastry Shop – Ochugen Summer Gifts

    This summer, visit The Pastry Shop during the Ochugen season with a range of summer gift sets. Andaz Tokyo will start selling Ochugen gifts in two different varieties using a range of assorted original products created by our Pastry team.

  11. JUN 2017

    Andaz Lounge & Bar

    Andaz Tavern - Afternoon Tea

    Enjoy a selection of homemade pastries and classic scones fresh from the oven, created by our Pastry team, together with a fine assortment of savoury treats, including afternoon tea classics.

  12. JUL 2017

    Andaz Lounge & Bar

    Andaz Tavern - Weekend Brunch

    Served at the lounge and bar of Andaz Tavern as a semi-buffet concept, our weekend brunch can be enjoyed in a sofa-style setting with a fireplace located in the centre, creating a cosy atmosphere.

  13. JUL 2017

    Dining Gift Certificate by Andaz Tokyo

    Delight your loved ones by giving the gift of a dining experience at Andaz Tokyo, wrapped in a sophisticated package with a Japanese touch.

  14. JUL 2017

    Andaz Tavern Dining

    Andaz Tavern – Marry Me

    Andaz Tavern will reserve the most romantic table, perfectly arranged, for that special moment of proposing to a loved one.

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