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  • Rooftop Bar 'Hot Japanese Cocktails'

Rooftop Bar 'Hot Japanese Cocktails'

These original hot cocktails are the perfect remedy against freezing temperatures. Warm your body and spirit with a unique blend of fruity cocktails specially crafted by our mixologist. Enjoy it while you admire the scenery of the winter clear sky at night.

Rooftop Bar 'Hot Japanese Cocktails'

Our mixologist’s innovative hot cocktails are perfect for the season with flavors of Japanese liquors and seasonal fruits, all while taking in the skylit views of Tokyo, 250 meters above the ground.

Tumugi, Andaz 52, Sugar Syrup, Lemon Juice, Mediterranean Tonic Water, Umami Bitters, Apple, Umeboshi, Ohba Leaf, Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Miyabi is a unique cocktail inspired by the traditional Japanese seasoning, irizake. Using Andaz Tokyo's original Junmai Ginjo sake, Andaz 52, as the base with a fruity taste, the harmony with the shiso leaves and plums creates a refreshing aftertaste and a beautiful color that is captivated by the butterfly pea flower tea.
*Irizake: A versatile seasoning that has been popular in Japan since the Edo period (1603-1868). Made with sake, pickled plums, dried bonito flakes, and salt. It is characterized by the refreshing flavor of the condensed ingredients.

AO Whisky, Espresso Liquor, Japanese black honey, Orange, Cinnamon, Coffee, Koji Espuma

Hundredth Coffee is a spin from the classic winter Irish Coffee, expressing the harmony of Japanese ingredients and espuma. The deep smokey whiskey and the bitterness of rich espresso, Japanese black honey and koji, overlap intricately leaving a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

The SG Shochu IMO, Amazake, Homemade Jasmine Syrup, Pernod, Strawberry

Savage Damascenones is a sophisticated cocktail perfect for winter, where you can enjoy the elegant aroma that escapes through the nose and its lingering aftertaste. Damascenone, an aromatic component with a gorgeous, sweet scent common to sweet potato shochu and strawberries, and the aroma of jasmine, Eau Savage, are combined and clarified to create the base of this cocktail. Amazake adds a gentle sweetness, and the warming of the drink enhances its aroma. The mixologist's craftsmanship shines through in this exquisite cocktail.

January 1 (Sunday/Holiday) - February 28 (Tuesday), 2023

JPY 2,420 per cocktail

* Prices are inclusive of consumption tax and subject to a 15% service charge.