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  • The Tavern - Grill & Lounge 'Strawberry & Ruby Chocolate Afternoon Tea'

The Tavern - Grill & Lounge 'Strawberry & Ruby Chocolate Afternoon Tea'

This eye-catching bright pink afternoon tea brings a touch of color to your day. Enjoy the taste of fresh handpicked strawberries paired with the gentle sweetness of ruby chocolate.

The Tavern - Grill & Lounge 'Strawberry & Ruby Chocolate Afternoon Tea'

Celebrate love at The Tavern - Grill & Lounge with the season’s afternoon tea of pink chocolate and fresh strawberries.

From the savory menu is a duck breast brochette, served with the chef's original salsa sauce made from carefully squeezed cacao fruit, fermented vinegar, and berries. Amongst the sweets selection is a ruby chocolate salami, a spin from the Italian traditional sweet treat called ‘salame di cioccolato’. The chocolate is a delightful Andaz Tokyo original, with a rich mixture of ruby chocolate, savory nuts, marshmallows, and dried strawberries. The swiss roll cake is the chef’s specialty with delicately flavored strawberry sponge cake accented by a crunchy texture of ruby chocolate feuillantine.

The exquisite harmony of the refreshing tartness of strawberries and the gentle sweetness of ruby chocolate in each dish makes this limited-time afternoon tea a glamorous occasion.

*feuillantine: crispy confection made from sweetened crepes, rolled out thin, baked, and crushed into small pieces.

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Strawberry & Ruby Chocolate Afternoon Tea
Savory Menu
■Braised Beef Tongue and Pine Nut Quiche, Strawberry Cream
■Red Shrimp Tartar, Berry Marinated Koshin Radish
■Mozzarella Cheese and Mixed Berries Gratin, Pink Bechamel Sauce
■Rolled Berry Loaf Sandwich, Cured Ham, Mascarpone Chocolate Cream
■Duck Breast Brochette, Cacao Vinegar and Berry Salsa

Sweet Menu
■Ruby Chocolate Salami
■Strawberry and Ruby Chocolate Swiss Roll
■Ruby Chocolate Madeleine
■Strawberry Tiramisu
■Ruby Chocolate Macaron
■Ruby Chocolate Éclair

■Orange & Raisin
■Ruby Chocolate and Strawberry
(Strawberry Jam, Cinnamon Butter, Chantilly Cream)

Drink Menu
Tea Selection
English Breakfast, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Oolong Tea, Chamomile, Peppermint, Ginger Peach, Super Berries

Japanese Tea
Specialties Green tea, Roasted Brown Tea

Coffee Selection
Regular Coffee, Espresso, Decaffeinated, Café Latte, Cappuccino

January 10 (Tuesday) - February 28 (Tuesday), 2023

JPY 6,050 on weekdays, JPY 6,380 on weekends and holidays

* Prices are inclusive of consumption tax and subject to a 15% service charge.
* Menu items are subject to change due to market availability.