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Pastry Shop 'Peach Sweets'

We offer a selection of sweets made with the season's luscious and juicy peaches. Enjoy this summer-limited sweet with plenty of pulp to fully appreciate the deliciousness of the colorful season.

Pastry Shop Peach Sweets

The Pastry Shop has prepared a wide variety of sweets using an abundance of peaches that are at their best in the summer. The peach shortcake features more than half a fresh peach, carefully selected by the Pastry Chef, in each slice.

Topped lavishly with fresh cut peach slices, enjoy the perfect balance of the fluffy sponge made with domestic wheat and whipped cream that is lightly sweetened to bring out the original flavors of the ingredients. The Peach Sweet Jar is a sweet dessert of light cheese cream with meringue, homemade peach confit, and original fromage blanc topped with a fragrant sparkling elderflower gelée. The unique jelly gives each bite a sparkling, shimmering sensation, followed by the pleasantly lingering aroma of the richly flavored fromage blanc.

Fresh peaches and raspberries are added to the gelée to create a visually refreshing summer dessert. Enjoy our selection of sweets that offer a delicious and luxurious taste of the season’s favorite fruit.

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Premium Peach Shortcake (limited to 6 pcs/daily) JPY 1,650
Peach Tart JPY 648
Peach Mousse JPY 680

Peach Éclair Small JPY 227/Large JPY 495

Peach Sweet Jar JPY 734
(Elderflower Jelly, Peach Confit, Crémet D'Anjou)

Peach & Jasmine Tea Pound Cake JPY 2,900

July 1 (Friday) - August 31 (Wednesday), 2022

*Prices are inclusive of 8% consumption tax.
*10% consumption tax will be added for dine-in guests.