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  • The Tavern - Grill & Lounge 'Superfood Dinner Course'

The Tavern - Grill & Lounge 'Superfood Dinner Course'

Enjoy a unique course menu featuring a variety of superfoods, which are attracting attention as highly nutritional ingredients with beauty benefits, appropriate for the time before the onset of summer.

Superfood Dinner Course

The Tavern - Grill & Lounge has prepared a unique dinner course featuring an abundance of superfoods.
The grilled shrimp is marinated in turmeric, black cumin, fresh rosemary, garlic, and olive oil to create a fragrant aroma and a rich garlic and herb flavor that is appetite stimulating. It is topped with butter-roasted tiger nuts, croutons, and fried shallots to add a crunchy texture, and served with a rich sauce made of shrimp stock, coconut milk, and coconut oil. For the fish dish, grilled lean tuna is served with a salad of superfoods: quinoa, lentils, and kale. The tuna is seared at a high temperature and served rare in the inside. The tuna is marinated in a variety of vegetables and spices, including nutritious beets, and topped with a special salsa with a hint of sesame oil for a refreshing taste. For dessert, enjoy an acai mousse. 
This menu showcasing the chef’s originality is perfectly suited for the month of June when people tend to feel a bit sluggish.

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Homemade Ricotta Cheese, Chia Seeds, Flaxseed Oil

Salted Rice Malt Marinated Salmon, Scallop, Avocado Mousse, Yacón and Spirulina Waffle, Almond and Micro-Leaf Salad, Macadamia Nut Oil Dressing

Second Course
Grilled Large Shrimp, Marinated Turmeric and Black Cumin Seed, Broccoli Super Sprout, Tiger Nut Crust, Chickpea Puree, Coconut Foam

Fish Dish
Grilled Akami Tuna, Quinoa and Germinated Lentils, Kale Taboulé, Organic Herb Salad, Beetroot Salsa Sauce

Meat Dish
Grilled Tanba Kurodori Chicken, Ten-Grain Rice Risotto, Confit Chicken Gizzard, Liver Paste, Sautéed Cauliflower Mushrooms, Salmi Sauce

Acai Mousse, Yogurt Sorbet, Hibiscus Cream, Custard Cream, Honey Lemon Jelly, Granola Crunch, Meringue, Raspberry Tuile, Strawberry

June 1 (Wednesday) – June 30 (Thursday), 2022

5-Course Menu JPY 14,300 (excludes grilled shrimp dish)
6-Course Menu JPY 16,500

*Prices are inclusive of consumption tax and subject to a 15% service charge.
*Offered for dinner only.
*Menu items are subject to change due to market availability.