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  • The Tavern - Grill & Lounge Breakfast Buffet

The Tavern - Grill & Lounge Breakfast Buffet

Start your day with an indulgent breakfast spread overlooking the city below.

Breakfast Buffet

As the sun rises over Tokyo, The Tavern - Grill & Lounge welcomes guests for a decadent breakfast buffet 51 floors above the city. Indulge in a selection of breakfast favorites from the buffet counter, including fresh and seasonal dishes to fuel you for the day ahead. For the main dish, choose from freshly prepared hot items including pancakes, waffles, classic omelettes, or our restaurant’s signature Eggs Benedict, made-to-order and served at your table. With the morning light filling the dining room, enjoy a leisurely breakfast accompanied by panoramic views of the city below.

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Breakfast Buffet
[From the buffet counter]
Enjoy an unlimited selection of breakfast favorites.

[Choose unlimited dishes below]
Made-to-order and served to your table.

■ eggs any style
omelette, poached, sunny side up, boiled egg, egg white omelette, scrambled egg

■ eggs benedict
english muffin, jambon blanc, spinach poached egg, tomato hollandaise

■ pancake
mixed berries, maple syrup

■ french toast
nutella, caramelized apples, anglaise sauce

■ avocado toast
sourdough bread, smashed avocado

■ japanese breakfast set
grilled fish, steamed egg roll, homemade tofu, steamed rice, miso soup, pickles, roasted laver

[chooses any beverage below]
■ coffee selection
"Focusing on Hyatt's drive for SDGs, all coffees are Rainforest Alliance certified selected from approved suppliers"  
regular coffee, espresso, decaffeinated, café latte, cappuccino, soy latte, hot chocolate

■ kusmi tea selection
"Founded in 1867, Kusmi Tea focuses on 100% organic tea with a range of premium flavors"

english breakfast
ceylon black tea, assam black tea

earl grey intense
black tea leaves with sparkling lemon peel, bergamot flavor blend

an organic earl grey with a pinch of lemon and orange blossom

green rose
green tea based blend to enjoy the elegant rose aroma

tchai of the tiger
powerful chai for protecting wild tigers. fragrant spice and Indian black tea blend

aqua frutti
organic fruit and hibiscus herbal tea

vanilla rooibos
the well-rounded flavor of rooibos and the sweetness of vanilla

■ herbal tea selection
chamomile, peppermint

■ japanese tea selection from ippodo tea
“Ippodo Tea is a Japanese tea specialist founded in Kyoto in 1717. A splendid choice with breakfast.”
sencha : classic green tea
hojicha : roasted green tea
genmaicha : roasted rice & green tea blend
*Menu items are subject to change due to market availability.

¥ 6,600
*The prices listed (tax included) are subject to a 15% service charge.

Mornings from 7:00 to 10:30 (closed 11:00)
*Currently offered to hotel guests only.